Wednesday, July 8, 2009

That'll do, Pig

Brianpig, Brianpig, does whatever Brianpig does...

You're not funny

Those stupid opening segments are super lame, all the time. I mean really, a flux capacitor in a netbook? That could never happen.

This guy hates the show

I agree with him on every single point. Seriously, STFU Brian!

I am trying to listen to your podcast because I think there is some merit to your content, however there are some things I find very annoying.

The audio quality of your phone interveiws is terrible. I have erased several podcasts before they were over simply because it was so hard to listen to.

The most annoying part of the program is the 5 topics in 5 minutes. The guy that does this is straining so hard to talk fast that it is really hard for me to listen to.